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Why Registry Healer

The Windows Registry is one of the most critical components of your computer system, and is often responsible for the majority of the irresponsible behavior of your computer, such as crashes and lockups. Normally, due to the regular installation and uninstallation of programs on your computer, the Registry gets enlarged and often it contains entries from programs, which no longer exist on your computer, which in turn create many problems. Obviously, it is essential to keep the registry always trim.

Although it is quite possible to manually trim down the Registry, it requires a high level of technical expertise. For those who are not registry experts themselves, registry editing requires an expert like Registry Healer. Basically, Registry Healer is a tool for scanning your system's Registry for old and invalid keys. Using this program regularly, you can stop worrying about your registry getting too fat by installing new programs, as this useful software will clear all the junk from your Registry at your command.

Registry Healer is quite safe, as it does not remove all invalid items from the Registry: it tries to correct all invalid entries by finding matching folders and files that may have been moved. It is excellent software both for novice and advanced users, as it is a feature rich yet user-friendly program. It provides easy, one-click access to a Registry key in the Windows RegEdit tool. Moreover, Registry Healer also gives you the option to create a back-up copy of your Registry entries, which may be restored in case something goes wrong.

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